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RO Chemicals

Every machine requires maintenance, care, and cleaning. RO Antiscalants, RO preservatives and RO membrane cleaners help maintain efficacy of Reverse osmosis membranes and plant. 

Advanced Watertek offers an array of RO Chemicals:

RO Membrane cleaners:

Membrane cleaners may be acidicor alkaline, designed for inorganic and organic particulate deposits respectively. 



An antiscalant is used as an additive to the feed water before it passes through the membrane system, to break up sulphate precipitates, calcium carbonate, and other mineral fouling.


Advanced Watertek offers Disperso 212 - a highly effective RO antiscalant specifically designed to target and control calcium sulphate scale, Disperso 520 that targets silica and iron scaling, and Disperso 370 which is a broad-spectrum antiscalant suitable for most commercial reverse osmosis applications. Disperso Ansticalants comply with NSF / ANSI 60 standards for drinking water. 


RO Preservatives:

Sodium metabisulfite (SMBS) is an RO Preservative chemical that inhibits fungal growth and aerobic bacteria on reverse osmosis membranes. SMBS RO Preservatives can also be used as a cost-effective solution for the treatment and removal of free chlorine.


Advanced Watertek also supplies Corrosion inhibitors and pump oils for RO systems and other water treatment plants.

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