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Advanced Watertek provides Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for water and wastewater systems across industries. We cater to a wide variety of segments including farms, production facilities (industrial processes like Food & Beverage and Onshore Oil & Gas) and accommodation camps. We also provide AMCs to the Oil & Gas Offshore segment, as our operators and service engineers have the necessary certificates and training to work offshore and in hazardous zones.

Preventive maintenance is the key

Through our annual maintenance contracts we ensure that our clients’ systems work around the clock. Hence, our policy is to work preventively and solve problems before they occur. Our aim is that our clients shall always have peace of mind, knowing that their system is taken care of and no burden of unnecessary cost is added.

Annual Maintenance Contract – What we do

During the contract period, our experienced service team visit the plants twice a month. Here our operators perform general inspection and maintenance work on every visit. They examine all the operating parameters of the Raw Water, the Product Water and the Reject Water and then crosscheck against design values.

In addition, we recommend replacing filters every 15 days. Our operators will do chemical cleaning when necessary. All chemicals for cleaning purpose are provided by Advanced Watertek.

Importantly, our dedicated team will be present on-site or over the phone whenever necessary. We are available 24/7 365 days of the year.

Informing the clients on a monthly basis

Our skilled and experienced technical team prepares a monthly report based on analysis of log sheets and feedback from the operators. The report includes all technical details, performance status and suggestions for improvement (if needed). In addition, we always inform our clients straightaway if we see that their system needs extra attention. Likewise, if there are changes in water quality we take immediately action to ensure that the system delivers promised water quality.

Free training to our clients’ staff

90% of failures on Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are a result of human errors.  It is therefore important for us to ensure that only qualified people will handle the systems. As a result, we give comprehensive training to all our clients’ operators. Trained people increase the reliability of the systems. Also, when our clients have trained people on-site we can help with advice and trouble shooting over the phone.

Interested in AMC for your water or wastewater treatment plants and systems?


Please contact Vijay, Sales Engineer for Aftermarket on sales@advancedwatertek.com or vijay@advancedwatertek.com.

You can also call +971 (0) 43333 100 or Vijay directly +971 (0) 56 171 5800

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