The Best Power and Water Stories of 2017

In October this year, GineersNow featured Advanced Watertek ‘s founder and CEO Mohammad Farghaly in their digital Water and Power Magazine. If you missed the article then, you can now find it in The Best Power and Water Stories of 2017.

Few can claim the longevity, reliability and quality of Advanced Watertek. Our CEO is one of the pioneers of Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology in the Middle East, having founded the company in 1984. He had the vision to foresee a demand that no one had taken advantage of yet.

At the time, there was general shortage of water and sea water desalination wasn’t enough. So the UAE was using brackish water and desalinated seawater as their main source of water. So I saw an opportunity there supplying industries, various government bodies, and farms and dairy farms, all kinds of end users.”

Quality focus

From the very beginning of his venture, our founder has put strong emphasis on maintaining and improving the quality of his machines. The proof of this is evident from the first machine that he ever sold.

My first sale ever was to a farm. It was, I think, a 10,000-gallon machine, brackish water. And I’m proud to say, to this day, the same machine is still up and running,” he said.

Since then, he has established a product philosophy of constant incremental improvement to every machine the company designs. Our founder likened it to innovation within the vehicle industry.

Say, if you take the car industry, you go 100 years back. All cars continue to have 4 wheels and an engine fundamentally. The basic structure remains the same. But if you look at a car made in 2017 and one in 1917, technologically, there is a vast improvement.”

Small company with a global outlook

For a relatively small company in an intensely competitive industry, Advanced Watertek has produced thousands of installations in over 50 countries around the world, from Brazil to across the world in Australia. Our founder believes the reason their clients choose Advanced Watertek is two-fold.

To put it succinctly, two things: quality of the finished product, which is as a result of being very selective when it comes to buying each and every component, and our exceptional after-sales service. We are very deliberate in our approach after-sales. We don’t ever sell a machine without commissioning it ourselves, no matter where it is in the world,” he said.

Beyond quality, Advanced Watertek prides itself on its ethics. The CEO staunchly believes that ethics cannot be compromised.

That means treating our suppliers and our buyers very well. So across the board, this company, we don’t play games with our suppliers, we don’t short-change them, we always pay on time and of course, we expect the same of our buyers.”

Our founder summed up Advanced Watertek’s philosophy in one simplistic life hack, one that he has followed ever since he entered the workforce:

I believe that whatever you do in life, you should do it well, or don’t do it at all. That’s a very simple principle. I think it has proven dead right throughout my life.”