The Advanced Watertek’s Engineering Team uses the 3D software CADWorx actively in the design of our water and wastewater treatment plants and systems.

What is CADWorx?

CADWorx® Plant Design Suite is a 3D software for plant design. It provides intelligent drawing and database connectivity, advanced levels of automation, and easy-to-use drafting tools. The software streamlines the design and engineering processes. As a results the accuracy of drawings are improved.

Our engineering team highlights precision as the main advantage for their work:

CADWorx increases preciseness and improves the quality of our engineering drawings. It also helps us to provide accurate isometrics drawings. Moreover, it automatically generate MTO (Material Take Off), which enhances accuracy of engineering deliverables”
Harshad Chaudhari, Project & Engineering Manager at Advanced Watertek

CADWorx – in water treatment design

We use CADWorx to prepare detailed 3D models of all our water & wastewater treatment systems. Through the software, we can show the complete arrangement of all the equipment and instruments. Pipe routings, cable routings, support locations and all the minor details of the systems are visible in the 3D drawings. We can easily review and cross-verify to see if there are any clashes in the general arrangement and pipe routing.  CADWorx also helps us to prepare the piping isometric drawings. As a result we can ensure appropriate and sufficient space for operation and maintenance of the system.

Valuable visualisation tool

Furthermore, CADWorx is a great visualisation tool for our clients. They can download the free viewer, and easily view 3D models of their system in an interactive environment. This helps us communicate valuable information to our clients, since they can better visualise the design before the system is built. It is also easy to superimpose, if clients wants to incorporate our drawings in their own plans.