Hydraulic Fracturing with Seawater

Solution: Oil & Gas Onshore

hydraulic fracturing case study

Client’s Challenge

In the Middle East, fresh water for fracturing operations is associated with high capital and operation costs, due to the fresh water scarcely in the region. Seawater from the Arabian Gulf is highly saline and has high sulphate content, but can, if treated correctly, compensate for the lack of fresh water sources whilst reducing energy consumption. Our client needed a mobile solution to treat seawater for hydraulic fracturing.

Our Solution

Our mobile nanofiltration solution makes seawater available to unconventional basins through removing the sulphate and eliminating the water-scaling tendency and souring of the reservoir. The mobile, compact, fully automatic robust unit delivers 3,000 bbls/day of nanofiltered water under typical oilfield conditions.

Water analysis conducted on the nanofiltered seawater shows reduction of sulphate from 3400 ppm to 50-65 ppm operating at 38 °C fluid temperature in single pass configuration. Significant energy savings is achieved by specifically remove divalent ions and suspended solids, whilst leaving the monovalent ions (which do not impact operation). The life cycle cost for producing each barrel of filtered water is estimated to be less than $0.5. This makes this mobile filtration method one of the most economical for efficient fracturing operations for this fresh water scarce region. The built-in container units are mounted on trucks, and the provided cam lock interconnectors make the installation & dismantle very quick & easy.

Advanced Watertek Scope of Work

  • Ultrafiltration Pretreatment + 2 pass Nanofiltration system installed in 2 x 40 ft DNV containers

  • Achieved Product Water Quality after Pass 2 @ 38°C:

    • SO4 < 2 ppm
    • Ca < 240 ppm
    • Mg < 175 ppm

Project Features

  • UF Pretreatment + 2 pass Nanofiltration system Installed in In 2 x 40 ft DNV containers

  • Fully automated system with minimum operator interventions

  • Advanced Watertek’s mobile sulphate removal system can be installed on trailers & can be stationed at remote fracking sites as & when required

  • Very low capacity diesel generator needed to operate

  • Very minimum chemical consumption

  • System supplied with operation & maintenance services

  • System is equipped with remote monitoring facility

  • System is equipped with lab kits to measure sulphate, calcium, magnesium, and chloride resulting in less turn around time, as key results are available instantly & product water can be used directly in the wells. (online measurement instruments option also available)

  • System design is scalable & can be increased/decreased based on requirement

Travel on-site

Advanced Watertek provides excellent after sales support. If any of our mobile units require service or experience any complications, our team of qualified technicians and service experts are always ready to provide on-site support anywhere worldwide.

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