Wastewater recycling for chillers

Solution: Hospitality

wasterwater recycling for chillers case study

Client’s Challenge

A prominent shopping mall in the UAE, was using municipality water for their chillers. During peak summer, they had to procure excess capacity requirements from private suppliers. This was causing a major dent in their operational budget.

UAE Govt. is availing Tertiary Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) water to commercial entities to a reduced cost, to promote wastewater recycling. The Mall Management decided to utilize this opportunity and install a water treatment system that will enable them to use the TSE Water.

Our Solution

The mall needed to reduce TDS, COD and BOD TSE water to make it suitable for their chiller application. Their Peak Load Water consumption is 1,200,000 litres per day.

We designed a Ultrafiltration + Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis solution for the wastewater recycling: 2000M3 UF + 1200 M3 RO.

Advanced Watertek Scope of Work

  • 2000,000 litres per day UF – 40 ft container

  • 1,200,000 litres per day RO – 40 ft container

  • Product Water Quality:

    • TDS < 150 ppm
    • Turbidity < 0.03

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