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Desalination Products & Reverse Osmosis Systems

brackish water reverse osmosis system

Brackish water contains high levels of dissolved salts and minerals. Advanced Watertek offers solutions to all your brackish water problems.

Advanced Watertek’s seawater desalination and water treatment systems remove salt and other impurities that make seawater non-potable.

Ultrafiltration systems are capable of removing a high percentage of microbes from feed water with modest energy requirements.

Nanofiltration is an effective method to remove divalent ions like calcium, magnesium and sulphates.

UV technology destroys organisms that can cause health hazards, due to potable water contamination and process issues.

Advanced Watertek provides a range of packaged STPs to cater to the requirements of remote site locations.

Advanced Watertek pressure sets are designed to deliver maximum water flow at optimum pressure at delivery points.

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