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Nanofiltration is a filtration method using membranes that have pore sizes from 1-10 nanometres. Pore sizes are smaller than that used in microfiltration and ultrafiltration, yet they are larger than that in reverse osmosis. Therefore, it’s an effective method to remove divalent ions like calcium, magnesium, sulphates etc.

Advanced Watertek is at the forefront to embrace new technologies. We are pioneers in the Middle East region by employing nanofiltration for sulphate removal in hydraulic fracking applications. We design, manufacture and supply systems for sulphate removal from both seawater and brackish water.

Our customised mobile systems are of plug and play nature. The systems have remote monitoring capabilities. Hence, they are deployed in remote locations. The systems are providing reliable and efficient service at low cost per barrel of treated water. Our systems can also be designed for softening seawater used in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) applications.

Advanced Watertek has a dedicated team of operators and technicians to support this segment. We therefore provide efficient operations and maintenance services.

Advanced Watertek provides excellent after sales support. If any of our units require service or experience any complications, our team of qualified technicians and service experts are always ready provide on-site support anywhere worldwide.

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