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effluent being disposed into the sea


We have applied our wealth of experience in water treatment to design and build Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) which offer our clients in UAE and across the world an excellent opportunity to progress towards a greener footprint. 


  • We practice a consultative approach to ensure a highly customized design of ETP plants that meets your requirements.​

  • A thorough water analysis is conducted to guide the design team to use wastewater treatment technologies that ensure treated water meets the required standards 

  • Our aim is to design a compact, customized, and effective industrial effluent treatment system that can be operated with minimum supervision or operational adjustments.


Effluent water treatment plants are the best way to convert wastewater into clean, usable freshwater for different purposes and Advanced Watertek is a leading manufacturer of high-quality effluent water treatment plants in Dubai, UAE, and across the world. Our industrial effluent treatment systems not only provide a sustainable solution to the current water shortage crisis but also protect the environment and ecosystems.



Effluent Treatment plants are Water Treatment plants specifically designed to recycle effluents discharged from Industries, Diaries, Petrochemical plants, Textile factories, Tanneries or Laundries. The recycled clean water is used for landscaping, irrigation, domestic applications, or diverted back to the industrial production process.

The process of designing an ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) starts with a thorough water analysis that reveals whether there are biological contaminants, chemicals or suspended solids present. Depending on the type of effluent, an Effluent treatment plant is designed with a suitable pre-treatment method like DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) or Clarifier. An MBBR or MBR is used as a pre-treatment method if biological contaminants are present. A post-treatment method like ultrafiltration, Multimedia Filtration, or Disk Filtration is added to the process.



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