How did you get started in the water treatment industry? Where did you begin?

When I started with Watertek, it was actually my first time dealing with water treatment clients and the water treatment industry.

When I started, I was looking at the Abu Dhabi market. I was letting our clients know that we are back in Abu Dhabi region, and worked with them to give them a solution to their requirements. So that was my start at Watertek and in the water treatment industry.

Which industry or segment is your core focus? What excites you most about this industry?

It’s been different over the course of the three years that I have been here. At first, it was only the Abu Dhabi market. It was all the clients inclusive of the Oil & Gas market, the F & B sector, the facilities management sector and the marine sector.

The second year was the complete infrastructure and construction segment and vertical I looked after. That consisted of all malls and hotels in the UAE region, and malls planning to use Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) water for cooling towers. The construction segment also included new construction happening around Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al Quwaim and Fujairah. The infrastructure and construction vertical is very time-consuming and I had to travel a lot to get information. But that did update me, as well as the company’s database, to what is happening in the market.

The third year, the current year, I am looking after the Oil & Gas sector wherein the core focus being Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). We are giving solutions to international oil companies about Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and Sulphate removal systems.

The thing that excites me most is the Oil & Gas industry, because I have a background in it. I started out as a Project and Proposal Engineer for an oil company in Oman. Even during my college days,when I was doing my internships, my core interest was Oil & Gas.

Why did you choose to work for Advanced Watertek?

I’d been in Oman for almost seventeen years. Since I had stayed there for a very long time I wanted a change, a step up in my career and to explore new places. This opportunity came up in Dubai, to join Watertek and I jumped at it. It was a completely different segment for me because I had only dealt with pumps, pipes and tanks. Water treatment was only something that I had studied, but I actually never thought I would apply that knowledge. It was something new and I wanted to get more experience in this field, so that’s why I joined.

How do you see the immediate future of the water treatment industry? Is there something that companies must do to stay afloat?

Looking at the current market and vertical which we are exploring, the current market has stabilised compared to what it was a couple of years back, and the vertical that we are specialising in, Oil & Gas, is becoming stable. If you look at a long perspective, this market is going to be fruitful as far as capacity and the revenue go. Upgrading our systems to a higher level is also always important, which we continue to do.

Is there a quote or life philosophy that you like to live by? If not, is there a philosophy you look up to or strive to emulate?

Well, for a person that I like to emulate?, I am always online on LinkedIn. I follow many companies and many professionals. I follow successful start-ups or people who have built their companies from scratch. For example, I follow Virgin Airlines, the way they have brought themselves into different product segments, different markets from scratch. That is something at which often look to.

For me, personally, it’s very simple, basic things I would say: If I am given a job, if you give me something to do: for example, if there is an inquiry that I need to follow and convert, I will put my everything into that: get the history behind it, get to know what its about, what people I have to contact, what person I must meet, what are the pros and cons of the product and company, and try my level best to convert that into a sale. That is something I follow personally as well. I am very focused when someone gives me a task to complete and I make sure that I do it right and get results out of it.

I focus more when someone actually gives me a job and asks me to convert it. For example, one of my biggest projects took almost a year and a half to get it converted. But I put everything into it to get that sale. It didn’t happen overnight. There were other guys in the race. But the way we brought our company, the way we gave them a solution, we convinced them. That is something we did proactively.

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