Our take on environmental policies

By Mansoor Khan, QHSE Engineer, Advanced Watertek

Today it is a growing pressure on the environment due to pollution, inefficient use of resources and improper waste management. Advanced Watertek assumes a progressive stance on environmental issues. We commit to minimise any negative impact that our production activities or our water treatment systems may have on the environment.

With our commitment in mind, we regularly conduct in-house awareness training focusing on our environmental policies. These training programs aim to educate our team, and to mitigate the adverse environmental impact. In addition, we ensure that our internal environmental policies and objectives are clearly communicated both within the organisation and to our clients, agents and suppliers.

Disposal management and environmental friendly components

Advanced Watertek’s aim is to design innovative and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions. We continuously strive to source components that are energy efficient. Furthermore, we dispose all waste in compliance with environmental policies, the Local Municipality’s Technical Guidelines and the mandatory elements of an environmental management system. We also have procedures in place for recycling and waste management at all our offices, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Our core environmental principles are:

  • Disposal management

  • Strive to design environmental friendly and energy efficient products

  • Strive to source the most environmental friendly and energy efficient components

Our aim is to minimise environmental impact, while still providing robust, cost-effective and enduring solutions to our clients.

Control procedures and management involvement

We have developed control processes to ensure that we comply with and fulfil the regulatory requirements & internal policies. We also monitor our environmental objectives and targets periodically. Furthermore, we regularly assess that we comply with regulatory requirements. As a result of this we are ISO 14001:2004 accredited for our environmental management efforts.

The top management is actively involved in setting very high environmental standards. Decisions on issues that affect our performance are taken immediately, and it is never hesitancy to change our processes to meet changing environment regulations.

We are proud to say that, we have zero environmental incidents till date.

 Our promises to the environment:

  • Assume a progressive stance on environmental issues

  • Always follow regulatory requirements

  • Work together with our clients to find solutions that minimise the impact on the environment