Health & Safety Day 2018

The World Day for Health & Safety at Work is an annual international awareness-raising campaign to promote safe, healthy and decent work, held on 28 April each year. The day promotes prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally.

health & Safety

Advanced Watertek strives to create a safe and incident free work place and take a systematic approach to continually improve our Health and Safety policies. In practical terms this means that we periodically evaluate and comply with all regulatory requirements relevant to employee Health and Safety ensuring a safe and incident free environment.

On the 28thApril 2018 we celebrated the Safety by remembering our Health & Safety pledge.

health & Safety in water treatment

Advanced Watertek’s Health & Safety Pledge

  • Work together with my colleagues to ensure a safe and healthy workplace

  • Never compromise on my own safety or the safety of others

  • Always follow procedures and refuse to take shortcuts that endanger others or myself

  • Actively look for hazards, unsafe acts or conditions and take prompt action

  • Be a good safety role model for my colleagues, friends and family