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Water Treatment Components, Consumables and Spares.

Multimedia and Carbon filter sands and media

Multimedia Filter Vessel and Sands

Replacement of the multimedia sand filter is required to maintain efficacy of the system. Advanced Watertek sources multimedia filter sands from trusted suppliers who offer certified sands in accordance with KIWA / ATA / NSF or EN 12904.

RO membrane cleaners, RO antiscalants and RO preservatives

RO Chemicals

Advanced Watertek offers an array of RO Chemicals including RO Antiscalants, RO preservatives and RO membrane cleaners to maintain efficacy of Reverse osmosis membranes and plant.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

RO Membranes and Pressure Vessels

Advanced Watertek offers a wide variety of membranes from reliable and reputed manufactures like Dow Filmtec, Hydranautics, LG and Toray.

Feed pumps and high pressure pumps for reverse osmosis

RO Pumps and Motors

Be it a Feed Pump, a High-Pressure Pump, a CIP Pump, or a Dosing pump, Advanced Watertek supplies high quality pumps suitable for SWRO and BWRO applications.

Reverse Osmosis plant spare parts and accessories

RO Spares and Accessories

Advanced Watertek has a team of experienced RO professionals who can inspect your RO plant, identify faulty components that need replacement and supply reliable RO spare parts and accessories.

Myron L Ultrameter Water Analysis Instruments pH Meter TDS Meter Conductivity Meter

Water Analysis and Testing Instruments

Water Testing instruments like pH meters, TDS meters, resistivity monitors and ORP monitors equip water treatment professionals with critical data. Advanced Watertek supplies handheld and in-built analytical instruments.

Cartridge Filters for Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Systems

Water Treatment Filters

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems and stand-alone Filtration Systems require filter media replacement at regular intervals. Advanced Watertek supplies a wide variety of filter elements like sediment cartridge filters, carbon filters, and filter bags.

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