Ajeer is working as a Service Technician for Advanced Watertek in Oman. Here he is handling Commissioning, Service and Maintenance for clients across the country.

Ajeer is hardworking, and he uses his technical knowledge to solve any problem and to manage difficult situations on site. Our clients tell us that he gives support 24/7 in any part of Oman; no matter what the problem might be.

To know more about Ajeer, we have managed to have quick chat with him in-between his visits to clients and sites.

Tell us about your Advanced Watertek experience?

I joined Advanced Watertek as an electrician in 2006. At that time I made electrical panel boards and did wiring and other related work required for the functioning of Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems.

It has been a great experience. Advanced Watertek has given me an opportunity of continuous learning, as the company has always supported me to learn new skills.

I have been with the Service Department working mainly with Servicing, Commissioning and Installation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems since 2010. This has been a really good opportunity for me. I have been exposed to mechanical work and I learned how RO systems operate.

How long have you been in Oman?

I shifted to Oman in 2014. Before I came here we mainly sent people from the Dubai office when it was a need. With me here, we can now attend clients better and faster. Still, with major jobs we always rely on the workforce and the expertise from Dubai.

Describe a typical day as a Service Technician in Oman?

Here in Oman every day is different. I handle all the AMCs so I have a schedule for my visits. But of course, if I need to look at a system outside the planned visits I will always change my plans accordingly.

It is important for me to understand our clients’ requirements. This is especially important when we provide maintenance and operation on systems from other manufacturers. I use a lot of time at the sites to understand the clients’ requirements, the conditions the systems are operating under and how the system is working.

I’m also responsible for all commissioning and installations here in Oman. This means that I can be on a site for a couple of weeks whilst the installation and commissioning is going on. I prefer to follow the installation and commissioning closely so that I know everything that is to know about the system. This helps me to ensure that our clients have systems running trouble free 24/7. So every day is different.

With all the traveling around Oman – where is your favourite place?

Oman is a great place to live and work, and I really enjoy my time here.

Salalah is my favourite, but Sur is also a nice place. I like Salalah because it is different from the rest of the Middle East and the landscape and greenery reminds me of India.