How did you get started in the water treatment industry?

Actually, this is my first job in the water treatment industry. Back home, I was in a totally different line of business. I was a Quality Assurance Officer in the call center for a health care company.

What excites you most about this industry?

What is most exciting is the direct interaction with the customer via phone, via email or with walk-in clients. It’s challenging, every day it’s a different scenario, it’s a different inquiry. I’m not that familiar with all the technicalities yet, but I would say that I am at about 50% of the knowledge that I am to acquire in order for me to support the sales team. So far, so good.

Why did you choose to work for Advanced Watertek?

The position was for a Sales Coordinator. I knew it was a more challenging opportunity. For this reason, I decided to choose Advanced Watertek as my new employer.

How do you see the immediate future of the water treatment industry? Is there something that Watertek must do to stay afloat?

I believe we are on par with the best water treatment companies in the industry. Obviously, I am encountering competitors during inquiries and I am also in direct contact with customers when they are calling. The customers come across a lot of companies and they tell me that we always go the extra mile when it comes to customer service. I think we should focus on that: customer support.

Is there a quote or a life philosophy that you live by? If not, is there an esteemed professional that you look up to as far as career?

I admire the work ethic of Mr. Renjit (Regional Sales Manager) and the entire sales team. I see real teamwork. The thing about Advanced Watertek is that you can approach anyone. There is an open door policy. You say whatever you want to say. It is easier for everyone to interact across all company levels because of that. I personally believe in just being professional in everything that you do. For me, every day at work, the most important thing is trying to focus, trying to focus on everything that I do.