How did you get started in the water treatment industry? Where did you begin?

My experience with water treatment actually started with Advanced Watertek. My previous company had the water treatment segment separately. But, I used to supply water treatment systems along with my systems. There was exposure, but my full-time exposure started with Advanced Watertek. There was a learning curve as far as the product is concerned and the market.

When you look at the Middle East, water treatment is required everywhere. So it’s about where we focus as a company. Understanding the market is a big thing for me. In the beginning I traveled a lot to identify the market, to understand which niche would work best for us, apart from where we currently were.

Which industry or segment is your core focus? What excites you most about this industry?

Currently, one of our main focus areas is the onshore Oil & Gas. It excites me that we in the previous years have moved into this new segment. We predominantly focused on the offshore Oil & Gas industry. The systems we were providing were say 100-ton, 200-ton, a maximum of 500-ton systems. For the onshore Oil & Gas industry, we have identified important applications with higher capacity. It is a niche area where only premium companies are present, but we truly believe that with our experience, knowledge and focus on quality we can compete in this market. This is why this is an exiting and challenging area for me to work with. As a company, we always focus on quality, so we are not the cheapest in the market.

Why did you choose to work for Advanced Watertek?

I was with my previous company for 12 years so I was looking for a change and a couple of things were very attractive with Advanced Watertek. One was definitely the industry because water, anything to do with environmental services, is the future. There are things that we could do differently to support humanity as well, if we do it right. Secondly, I looked at the profile of Advanced Watertek. It had been in the market for a long time. Even though it has not grown beyond proportions, it was attractive because of the values and ethics the company follows. Also, I must say the recruitment process was very professional. You get a feel about the company when that happens. So: the market, the values the company follows and also the recruitment process.

How do you see the immediate future of the water treatment industry? Is there something that companies must do to stay afloat?

The water treatment industry is strong as a growth prospect. People, mankind I would say, have not been kind to earth in how they utilize the natural resources. So they have to go for desalination. There are methodologies they have to adopt so that everyone in the world is catered to with fresh water.

Water treatment industry as a moneymaking business is definitely on the rise. There are a lot of things we can do to make things easier for people around the world. As a company, to stay afloat, we have to keep innovating, understand the market more and more, and expand our list of clients. There is definitely a future in the water treatment industry for Advanced Watertek.

Is there a quote or life philosophy that you like to live by? If not, is there a celebrated professional whose product philosophy you look up to or strive to emulate?

Yeah, there are generally two quotes that I follow. “Live and let live.” And “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” So these are the two things that I normally try to follow. Whenever there is a contract or deal, I try to think of these two things. You live and you let the others live as well. And rather than complain about no change happening, try to be the change so that the others will follow you and the change happens around you.