The seawater from the Arabian Gulf can compensate for the fresh water scarcity, but it is highly saline and has high sulphate content. With our Ultrafiltration (UF) and Nanofiltration (NF) systems, we can transform the Arabian Gulf seawater to be suitable for hydraulic fracturing operations.

In 2015 Advanced Watertek, as first of its kind in the Middle East, provided a mobile Ultrafiltration (UF) + 2 pass Nanofiltration (NF) solution. The solution removes sulphate, eliminates water-scaling and reduces the souring tendency. This mobile, compact and fully automated unit delivers 3,000 bbls/day of nanofiltered water under typical oilfield conditions. The design is scalable and can be increased/decreased based on clients’ requirements.

Preparing the water for Hydraulic Fracturing

Our mobile UF & NF solution concentrates on removing Sulphate, Calcium and Magnesium from seawater to significantly reduce the scaling potential coming from the mix of filtered seawater and formation water. Removing Sulphate from seawater hinders the ability of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) from producing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and also eliminates souring of the reservoir, with minimum chemical consumption.

Energy saving

Significant energy saving is achieved by specifically removing divalent ions and suspended solids, whilst leaving the monovalent ions (which do not impact the operation). The very low operating pressure helps significant power savings, and therefore only a very low capacity diesel generator is needed.

The estimated life cycle cost is less than $0.5 for producing each barrel of filtered water, which makes this mobile filtration method one of the most economical for fracturing operations in fresh water scarce areas.

Mobile solution

Advanced Watertek’s fully automated mobile Sulphate removal system can be stationed at remote fracking sites as and when required. The built-in container units are mounted on trucks with Cam Lock Interconnectors that makes hook up and demobilization simple and quick.

The system is equipped with a Remote Monitoring Facility and needs minimum operator interventions. Online Measurement Instruments Option is also available. The system is equipped with lab kits, to measure Sulphate, Calcium, Magnesium and Chloride. This ensures less turnaround time, as key results are available. The units are also supported with Operation & Maintenance services.

Project key details:

  • Total product requirement: 3000 BPD (480 M3/DAY)
  • Total feed water requirement: 5500 BPD (875 M3/DAY)
  • Total average recovery across system: 55%
  • Total average recovery across uf : ~95%
  • Total average recovery across 1st PASS: ~75%
  • Total average recovery across 2nd PASS: ~75%

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