Advanced Watertek’s containerised desalination units provide mobile water treatment solutions for short to long-term water supply of various capacities and in remote areas.

Our containerised units can be mounted onto trucks, and the provided Camlock interconnectors make the installation & dismantling quick and easy. With low installation cost and minimal set-up time, containerised mobile water treatment plants will quickly provide water on-site for a range of applications and industries. Your water solution is readily installed and factory-tested at delivery.

Advanced Watertek designs mobile, compact and fully automatic robust solutions according to your water analysis and process requirements; be it desalination for drinking water, sulphate removal for process water or wastewater treatment.

Benefits with Mobile Water Treatment Solutions

  • Tailored to meet your specific needs

  • Mobile

  • Quick & Easy Installation

  • Guaranteed water quality and quantity

  • Lower Installation Cost

Mobile Water Treatment Solutions

  • Brackish water & Seawater RO

  • Deionisation systems

  • Wastewater treatment or recovery

  • Sulphate Removal

After-sales support

In our industry, after-sales support is as crucial as the system’s quality. Our exceptional after-sales support delivers reliability and peace of mind.

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