Vijay, Sales Engineer-Aftermarket

Meet Vijay and learn about his experience and his thoughts about the future for the water treatment industries.

Tell us about your previous experiences that led up to being Sales Engineer for the Aftermarket here at Advanced Watertek?

Here at Advanced Watertek I can combine my experience with water treatment, sustainability and aftermarket sales.

I started my career selling Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) in the UAE. So the water treatment industry is not new to me. From water treatment I have moved into sales of sustainable products, like solar, wind and renewable energy products. I will also like to add my experience with Aftermarket. I have worked two years with marketing of services of electronic products for the marine industry here in Dubai.

What’s your role at Advanced Watertek?

I look after sales for the Aftermarket. My focus is therefore sales of Spares & Consumables, Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contracts.

I like to have a clear picture of what I’m doing before I start off, because I believe that half learned is not learning. This is especially relevant for the Aftermarket segment. Here you sell spares and reconditioning to someone who are actually using the system. They know exactly what they need, so you can’t bluff with them. A sale only happens if the person sitting opposite you respect your knowledge and expertise.

I mention this because I started to go out to meet clients only a month after I joined Advanced Watertek. Then, in one of my weekly meeting with MF (Founder and MD) he actually tells me not to go fast. He says: “I understand your eagerness but don’t go too fast. Sit down and learn and then learn more. You don’t need to rush”. A word like that from the owner and your boss is really unique. It’s very motivating, when your manager supports you and wants you to grow.

Why did you choose to work for Advanced Watertek and how is your experience so far?

One of the reasons to choose Advanced Watertek as my employer is that I can work within a more sustainable industry. I also enjoy working with water treatment solutions.

I’m really happy here, and not only because I’m doing what I like to do. The values of the company also make me happy. It’s not always the case that you can take pride in your company’s values, and that your company values honesty and transparency. The fact that Advanced Watertek is “living their values” attracts me a lot.

What’s your future plans for aftermarket here at Advanced Watertek

Currently my plan is to focus on the marine segment, because this is where I have been working for the last two years. I therefore believe that this will be a good starting point for me. It is also sensible for the aftermarket to run behind somewhere you company are known, and Advanced Watertek has successfully served the marine and offshore industry for decades.

Future in water treatment industry

As an industry water treatment can support sustainability, which is going to be the future. To keep something for our future, we need to focus on sustainable solutions like re-use and recycling. Because at the end of the day if you are not re-using things you will not have much resources left for the generations to come.