• Offshore AMCs

Advanced Watertek supplies fresh water maker systems (FWG) for the offshore exploration and production sector. Additionally, we also provide Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) to Oil & Gas exploration and drilling companies in the Middle East and Asia.

Our experienced service engineers perform the service and maintenance on accommodation barges and platforms, including Zone 2 areas. They all have the necessary training and certificates like for example:

  • Seaman’s Book (Belize-Marine Technician)
  • BOSIET (Opito Approved)
  • Ship Security Awareness Training Certificate
  • Basic H2S
  • OGUK Medical Fitness Certificate

Guaranteed access to fresh water 24/7

Fresh and potable water is essential for the daily life and operation offshore. Service and drilling companies will also face large fines if they can’t provide an ample supply of fresh water 24/7.

Monthly, preventive maintenance minimises the odds for rig downtime. Equally important is it that, we will send a specialist and spare parts on-site within 24 hours in case of a rig down time. Because of our warehouse facility we also always have substantially stock components, chemicals and consumables that are available for immediate worldwide express delivery.

Rosters and the knowledge gap

With little or no overlap between the rotation team of operators, important information are often not communicated fully to the new team arriving. Monthly maintenance therefore increases the continuity in the systems’ operation. Since our team has in-depth knowledge about the systems and how they perform, they communicate their knowledge to the team they meet offshore. Furthermore, our service engineers also train and support the operators on-site on how to operate the systems.

Monthly visits

We visit the sites monthly. In the between visits we also monitor the feed water and produced water quality to ensure stable and reliable system performance. The operators send us their log sheets weekly. Our service engineers use this data to prepare themselves for the maintenance visits. If we see sudden changes in the water quality we immediately inform the client and ensure that corrective action is taken.

Want to learn more about our AMCs for offshore installations?

Please contact Vijay, Sales Engineer for Aftermarket on sales@advancedwatertek.com or vijay.ranjan@advancedwatertek.com.

You can also call +971 (0) 43333 100 or Vijay directly +971 (0) 56 171 5800