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In July 2022, Advanced Watertek embarked on a pioneering project, marking its first venture into the New Zealand offshore oil and gas (O&G) sector. This endeavor involved the design, manufacture, and commissioning of a two-pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, skid-mounted, with each unit boasting a nominal capacity of 50 M3/DAY. The project's full turnover was successfully completed in April 2023, showcasing Advanced Watertek's engineering expertise and commitment to delivering quality and end-to-end water treatment solutions.

Client Industry
The client operates within the challenging and demanding offshore O&G industry. In such settings, the need for reliable and efficient water treatment systems is paramount, given the criticality of water quality for operations and crew welfare.

The Challenge

The project's uniqueness stemmed from its location and the client's stringent requirements for a compact, efficient, and reliable water treatment solution. The offshore environment posed significant logistical and operational challenges, necessitating a system that could withstand harsh sea conditions, ensure uninterrupted operation, and meet the high-quality water standards essential for O&G exploration and production activities.


Advanced Watertek responded to these challenges by designing and implementing a two-pass RO system that was skid-mounted for ease of installation and mobility. The system's dual-pass configuration was selected for its ability to deliver water of exceptional purity by reducing dissolved solids, including salts and other contaminants, to levels suitable for the client's specific operational needs.

System Specifications:

  • Plant Type: Two-pass Reverse Osmosis System

  • Configuration: Skid-mounted for offshore application

  • Capacity: 50 M3/DAY per unit, providing a total of 100 M3/DAY

  • Commissioning: April 2023



Advanced Watertek's first project in New Zealand's offshore O&G sector is a testament to the company's engineering expertise and its ability to deliver custom water treatment solutions in challenging environments.


The successful implementation of the two-pass RO system underscores our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. This project not only marks a significant milestone for Advanced Watertek but also strengthens its position as a trusted partner in the global water treatment industry.

For engineering solutions that address complex water treatment challenges in the offshore O&G sector and beyond, consult with Advanced Watertek. Our team is ready to innovate and deliver custom solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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Engineering and Design

The engineering team at Advanced Watertek meticulously designed the RO system to maximize space efficiency and operational reliability. Key considerations included:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Selection of materials capable of withstanding the corrosive marine environment.

  • System Redundancy: Ensuring uninterrupted water supply through system design redundancy.

  • Energy Efficiency: Incorporating energy recovery devices to minimize operational costs.

Implementation and Commissioning

Despite the remote offshore location and the inherent challenges of the marine setting, Advanced Watertek successfully implemented and commissioned the system within the projected time-frame. The project's success hinged on rigorous planning, expertise in logistics, and the deployment of a specialized technical team for on-site commissioning.


The two-pass RO system has provided the client with a reliable source of high-purity water, essential for both operational processes and human consumption. The system's performance has exceeded expectations, with significant benefits including:

  • Operational Efficiency: Enhanced water production capacity with minimal downtime.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduced operational costs through energy-efficient design.

  • Quality Assurance: Consistently high-quality water output, meeting stringent industry standards.





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