• O&M operation maintenance

Advanced Watertek provides Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services to various industries. Through our O&M contracts we ensure that our clients have their plants operating at full capacity 24/7.

Before boarding

Our company policy is to never take-up a contract if we can’t guarantee a firm solution. Therefore, before we board any O&M contract we do a complete survey of the client’s systems. This is especially relevant if we have not manufactured the systems ourselves.

First we do a diligence inspection where our technical team will analyse the system’s performance. Based on our findings we will suggest improvements, and some systems might need reconditioning. Finally, only after approval from the client we will go ahead with the contract.

Conservative design to guarantee performance

As a company we believe in conservative design, because a conservative design will deliver promised water quality unrelated to environmental factors. As our policy we also put safety cushions when designing and manufacturing machines.

We recommend that only authorised persons can work with the systems. This will help avoid accidents and breakdowns. We therefore train our clients’ employee(s) free of charge

Scope of work – Onsite operators

Depending on the contract our operators will be on site 24/7 or minimum 16 hours/day. Our operators are following the systems closely, hence their main job is to ensure that the machines run trouble free and deliver promised quality.

  • Daily preventive management

  • Follow the operation closely and fill out log sheet as required

  • Routing check of process parameters on-site to ensure smooth operation

  • Periodic Calibration of system instruments to ensure functionalities

  • All log sheet is analysed by our technical team monthly

  • Maintain stock of chemicals and consumables

  • Collect samples for water analysis on a monthly basis: both feed water and treated water

  • Ensure all health & safety regulations are followed

  • Inform the client immediately about any irregularities

A full report of the systems performance and water quality is sent to our clients every month.

Interested in O&M contracts for your water or wastewater treatment plants and systems?

Please contact Vijay, Sales Engineer for Aftermarket on sales@advancedwatertek.com or vijay.ranjan@advancedwatertek.com. You can also call +971 (0)43333 100 or+971 (0) 56 171 5800