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Advanced Watertek helps double production capacity with overhaul of Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Redesign and upgrade of the existing SWRO System were carried out by the Advanced Watertek team in Fujairah.

Treated sea water from the expansive coastline of the UAE is often used for gardening of public and commercial developments. One such Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System in the emirate of Fujairah was built to produce clean water for irrigation of a coastline development. When the system failed to deliver it’s expected capacity, Advanced Watertek was approached to refurbish and upgrade the existing Sea Water RO system (SWRO). During the site inspection, the team of experts from Advanced Watertek realized that the existing plant could deliver only a maximum of 40,000 US Gallons per day against the agreed capacity of 100,000 US Gallons per day.

fujairah swro
Before and After pictures of the

Mohammad Farghaly, CEO of Advanced Watertek said “As a company, we are committed to product quality. It would have been easier to suggest a completely new RO system. However, our team was committed to refurbishing and automating the plant using existing components.” The Design Team at Advanced Watertek went back to the drawing board to upgrade the technology and capacity of the SWRO system without having to replace the entire unit. Here is how they did it:

Transformation of the SWRO System from Manual to Automatic:

One of the most crucial modifications in the existing system was the conversion of the manual system to an Automatic one. Advanced Watertek introduced new instruments like pressure switches, conductivity analyser, pH analyser, flow transmitters and motorized actuated valves to revamp the old control panel and automate the existing plant.

Reduction in Energy Consumption:

An Energy Recovery Turbine was introduced in the existing SWRO System. This Energy-recovery device helped to recover more than 80% of the wasted high pressure brine energy, reducing the size of the high-pressure pump, and lowering motor electrical consumption. The client saved approximately 40% of their energy consumption by introducing an Energy Recovery Device into the system.

seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant
Control panel, Multimedia vessel, RO Membrane vessels and pumps at site of the SWRO at Fujairah

Use of existing components:

With an aim to save costs and re-use as many existing components as possible, the design team selected a High-Pressure Pump and Energy Recovery Device which would allow the existing high pressure pump motor & VFD to be utilised. This was a major cost saving for client.

Improved Product Water Quality:

Replacement of the filtration media with appropriate sizes and number of layers was the first step to improve feed water quality. Additional RO membranes, cartridge filters, and an RO pressure vessel were added to the existing system. Last but not the least, low-capacity components like the Feed pump, CIP Pump, and High-Pressure pump were replaced with pumps equipped with superior material of wetted parts to avoid corrosion, increase durability, and match the desired output flow of 100,000 Gallons per day.

The upgraded, energy-efficient RO plant at Fujairah (United Arab Emirates) has been running trouble-free for almost a year now, consistently delivering the required volume and quality. Farghaly summed up the essence of this job with these words “This was not just a refurbishment job for us. We delivered a well-designed system that offers quality, energy efficiency, cost saving, and above all long-term reliability.”

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