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Advanced Watertek highlights the issue of water contamination at the Offshore Jack up Middle East

Advanced Watertek joined leaders of the offshore industry at the Offshore Jack Up Middle East 2022 where Melvin Eldin, Head of Offshore at Advanced Watertek, presented a thought-provoking paper on ‘Coping with Water Contamination on-board Jack up Rigs’. His presentation highlighted global guidelines on water quality and detailed the problem, solution, and the action required.

Melvin said “With growing concerns over crew welfare and the impact of BPA and microplastics, it is high time offshore floating assets generate their own drinking water with the help of a POU (Point-Of-Use) Filtration & Disinfection System. This combination allows for cleaner and safer water to be made available on-board, protecting the crew’s health as well as eliminating the need for plastic bottles to store water. It is a solution for access to safe drinking water and reduction of carbon footprint.”

The Offshore Jack Up Middle East (OJME), which took place at Abu Dhabi this year, was filled with insightful talks, engaging discussions and crowd-pulling presentations. The event’s niche coverage of the Jack up industry makes it a well-attended conference where challenges and developments of the Middle East drilling industry are addressed.

Advanced Watertek has been serving the Offshore industry for decades with durable Water Makers and customised water treatment solutions. Melvin added “Industry knowledge gained over the years gives us the edge to build systems that tackle unique challenges faced by the offshore industry. Water contamination is one such challenge which although monitored, lacks implementation of customized solutions that can minimize contamination and make the floating asset self-sufficient and safe for the crew. We are glad we can develop and offer such robust solutions that assist the offshore industry in their goals of decarbonisation and crew safety.

About Advanced Watertek: Advanced Watertek is a leading membrane-based water and wastewater treatment company, headquartered in Australia and having offices in the UAE and Oman. Since 1984, Advanced Watertek has provided safe, reliable and cost-effective Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems to the oil & gas, marine, infrastructure, hospitality, F&B and mining industries, among others. Advanced Watertek is certified by Lloyds Register for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 standards.

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