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Advanced Watertek shares operational insights at Offshore Jack up Middle East Conference

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Speaking to Industry leaders of the Jack Up Rig & Liftboat industry, Melvin Eldin of Advanced Watertek highlighted the importance of a robust and energy efficient Water Maker to keep operating costs at bay. He also shed light on critical maintenance factors that are oft ignored but have high impact on OPEX.

Mohammed Farghaly, Founder and Managing Director of Advanced Watertek said, “The most efficiently built RO Water Maker can fail if not maintained properly. Water Makers built by Advanced Watertek provide consistent quality and quantity of product water due to our conservative design, efficient engineering, and dependable maintenance support. We were delighted to share experiential insights, gathered over 3 decades, with industry professionals at the Offshore Jack-up Middle East Conference.”

For over 36 years Advanced Watertek has provided energy efficient Reverse Osmosis systems (RO Water Makers) that generate safe and clean water for drinking and other applications. OJME was a successful high-energy event that brought together Oil and Gas professionals and suppliers such as Advanced Watertek, to share technological advancements, market trends and industry updates.

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