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Applications of Reverse Osmosis in the Food Industry

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Insights from the design and manufacturing of a large scare commercial reverse osmosis system by Advanced Watertek, for one of the largest snacks companies in the Middle East.

reverse osmosis in food processing
applications of reverse osmosis in food industry

Ever eaten an Oreo?

Chances are it was manufactured with our water.

In 2017, Advanced Watertek landed a tasty job. A sweet gig! Our team was contracted to design and manufacture a large scale commercial reverse osmosis system for one of the world's largest snacks companies. The multinational corporation had just broken ground on a massive undertaking - a $110M USD biscuit manufacturing plant. Located in Bahrain, the facility was being built from scratch and filled with cutting edge technology and automation.

Completed in 2018, the food processing facility stretches over 250,000m2. At peak the factory produces 60,000 tonnes per year of food goods and 10,000 biscuits every minute

Our client, the food production company, had two non-negotiable outcomes that they needed to achieve with their water supply. If you're currently working within the food production industry, we are sure they will both sound familiar to you.

The first was to create a reliable source of water. Regardless of operating conditions, an 'always-on' facility like theirs requires a constant supply of high purity water. They operate in a very competitive market, and any hit to production capabilities would leave them unable to fulfil previously agreed upon targets. By using cleaning-in-place protocols (CIP) the reverse osmosis membranes can be effectively cleaned with minimal disruption.

Businesses in the food industry know the importance of water purity on food safety and risk control. Ingredient water must comply with all local standards, plus any government regulations and export market requirements. For a global companies with facilities across the world producing the same product ranges, there's another benefit to claim from a consistent water supply. Homogenisation is the name of the game - they need to replicate that famous taste across the world. Whether you're snacking on a biscuit made in Indonesia or Bahrain, the biscuit should taste the same. Read more about how we achieved it

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