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AWS 680-72: The Premier Water Maker for Offshore Drilling

Updated: May 6

In the challenging and ever-evolving realm of the offshore drilling industry, equipment must not only be reliable but also tailored to the unique demands of the marine environment. Recognizing this need, Advanced Watertek proudly offers the AWS680-72, our flagship Water Maker explicitly designed for the offshore drilling sector.

Advanced Watertek proudly offers the AWS680-72 for Offshore Drilling

Catering to Essential Needs

In offshore environments, where resources are scarce, the consistent delivery of freshwater is paramount. The AWS680-72 by Advanced Watertek is meticulously designed to ensure both quality and quantity, meeting the unique challenges of such settings.

Quantity: Consistent and Reliable Output

Advanced Watertek has taken a forward-thinking approach with the AWS680-72. Our system is built to withstand the rigors of the highest salinity of 45,000ppm and temperatures up to 38°C. This ensures that our water maker consistently delivers a steadfast 72T throughout its operational life.

Quality: Ensuring Longevity and Efficiency

Quality is at the heart of our design philosophy. The AWS680-72, by operating at lower recoveries, significantly diminishes scaling tendencies. This strategic design choice ensures the membranes not only provide the best possible reverse osmosis water maker marine performance but also have a prolonged lifespan.

It's not just about delivering fresh water maker from seawater; it's about ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the system for sustained value.

Designed for the Offshore Challenge

Every industry comes with its set of challenges, and the offshore sector is no exception. What sets the AWS680-72 apart is its bespoke design that addresses these specific challenges head-on. Instead of adopting the automation trends common in land-based industries, Advanced Watertek has opted for a more hands-on approach. The Water Maker features a user-friendly relay-based system, intentionally chosen to empower the onboard team.

Why is this significant? In the event of any operational glitches, the crew can manually operate and troubleshoot the system. This ingenious design choice eliminates the need for an automation engineer to be flown down to the rig, thereby reducing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Furthermore, understanding the rigors of marine environments, the AWS680-72 incorporates corrosion-resistant parts and components to endure the harsh sea conditions. This commitment to durability and resilience extends from every nut, screw, and bolt to larger elements like the skid and other major components, ensuring a longer operational life and reduced maintenance requirements.

Compact Design, Enhanced Output

Space constraints are a given in offshore settings, demanding equipment that is both efficient and compact. With a keen understanding of these unique requirements, Advanced Watertek - a water treatment company in Dubai, has meticulously crafted the AWS680-72 system with hatch access, door access, and, finally fitment in the smaller footprint available onboard. But the space-saving design doesn't mean a compromise on performance—quite the contrary.

Enhanced Output Through Design and Engineering Excellence

A blend of design prowess and engineering excellence defines the AWS680-72. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures the system's longevity and consistently high performance. Several design features speak to this commitment:

  • Reduced Operating Pressure: By optimizing the system's pressure requirements, we ensure efficient operation via reduced wear on components and extended membrane life.

  • Optimum Recovery: Our systems are calibrated to maximize the extraction of freshwater, ensuring minimal wastage.

  • Stable Flow Rate: Regardless of external conditions, the AWS680-72 maintains a stable fresh water flow rate, guaranteeing consistent performance.

  • Uninterrupted Feed Flow: The system is engineered to ensure a constant feed water flow at a steady pressure, resulting in uninterrupted operation and ‘at-no-time’ operational breakdowns.

Added to this engineering finesse are several layers of protection and efficiency enhancements:

  • In-built Safety Mechanisms: Unexpected incidents can wreak havoc on machinery. The AWS680-72 is equipped with safety barricades that trigger alerts or shut off the flow to pre-emptively avert system and operator damage.

  • Clean-In-Place System: A crucial stage, ensures that membranes remain unclogged. This not only extends their lifespan from 3 months to three years but also avoids the need for frequent replacements of membranes.

  • Multimedia Filter: The incoming sea water requires the right capacity of Pre-filters to tackle suspended solids and there is nothing more durable than using a Multi Media filter with 6 layers of media and operating at required filtration velocity. The advantage of rightly sizing the MMF is that it later shares the incoming sea water load proportionally to the downstream Cartridge Filters and thereby extending the life of filter cartridges from 3 days to 15 days.

  • Robust Components: Emphasizing durability, the system incorporates high-quality, corrosion-resistant parts that can withstand the harsh maritime environment.

  • Customization: Recognizing that one size doesn't fit all, our systems are designed with adaptability in mind. While the baseline is set at the Persian Gulf's salinity—the highest of all seas—we customize the AWS680-72 based on specific requirements such as sea salinity, feed water temperature and treated water quality required by the client.

At the heart of Advanced Watertek's offering is a commitment to unparalleled efficiency without compromising on space or quality. The AWS680-72 stands as a shining example of this philosophy in action, combining space-saving design with peak performance.

Connect with the Experts

For those keen on exploring the potential of the AWS680-72 or seeking insights into its operation, experts from our Offshore department are on hand to assist. Melvin Eldin and Deepak Machado bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that all inquiries are addressed comprehensively.

Furthermore, for a broader perspective on our offerings tailored for the offshore and marine industry, we invite you to delve deeper by visiting our dedicated webpage. Discover more about our offshore and marine solutions.


In the demanding world of offshore drilling, where every piece of equipment plays a pivotal role, the AWS680-72 stands out as a testament to Advanced Watertek's dedication to excellence. By seamlessly marrying functionality with user-centric design, this Water Maker is poised to set new industry benchmarks.


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