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Common Acronyms used in the Water Treatment Industry

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Every industry has its jargon and acronyms that industry experts frequently use. A novice could find every sentence a riddle. With many methods, technical specifications, and measurements, the water treatment industry has quite a few commonly used acronyms and water treatment terminologies of its own. For the benefit of industry professionals, here is our guide to commonly used acronyms in the Water treatment industry.

Water Treatment Methods
Water Treatment Methods and Terminology

Water Treatment Methods and Terminologies

ACF: Activated Carbon Filter

AOP: Aqueous Phase Oxidation

ASP: Activated Sludge Process

DAF: Dissolved air flotation

ETP: Effluent Treatment Plant

MB: Mixed Bed

MBBR: Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

MBR: Membrane bioreactor

MF: Microfiltration

MMF: Multimedia Filtration

ORP: Oxidation/ Reduction Potential

POE: Point of Entry

POU: Point-of-Use

RBC: Rotating Biological Contactor

RBTS: Reed Bed Treatment System

SAFF: Submerged Aerated Fixed Films

SBA: Strong Base Anion

SBR: Sequencing Batch Reactor

SRT: Solids Retention Time

TBF / TF: Trickling Biofilter

TFC: Thin Film Composite

TSE: Tertiary Treated Sewage Effluent

UASB: Up flow Anaerobic Sludge blanket

WTP: Water Treatment Plant

WWTF: Wastewater Treatment Facility

Monitoring Parameters, Metrics and Units

BAC: Biological Activated Carbon

BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand

CFC: Chlorofluorocarbons

CMD: Cubic Meter Per Day

CMH: Cubic Meter Per Hour

COD: Chemical Oxygen Demand

DMR: Discharge Monitoring Report

DO: Dissolved Oxygen

DOC: Dissolved Organic Carbon

GPG: Grains Per Gallon

JTU: Jackson Turbidity Unit

KLD: Kilolitres per day

l/min: Litres per minute

m³/Hr: Meter Cube Per Hour

m³/s: Meter Cube Per Second

MGD: Million gallons per day

MLD: Megalitres per day

MLSS: Mixed liquor suspended solids

MLVSS: Mixed liquor volatile suspended solids

Nom. Cap.: Nominal Capacity

NTU: Nephelometric Turbidity Unit

pH: Potential of Hydrogen

PPB: Parts Per Billion

PPM: Parts Per Million

SDI: Silt Density Index

TDS: Total Dissolved Solids

TKN: Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen

TMDL: Total Maximum Daily Load

TOC: Total Organic Carbon

TSS: Total Suspended Solids

TTHMs: Total Trihalomethanes

US GL/Day: US Gallons per day

VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds

VSS: Volatile Suspended Solids

WWTP: Wastewater Treatment Plant

Associations and Regulatory Bodies

ANSI: American National Standards Institute

API: American Petroleum Institute

ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers

AWWA: American Water Works Association

DIN: Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. (German Institute for Standardization)

IWA: International Water Association

IWSA: International Water Supply Association

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