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Factors you must consider when choosing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

As a decision maker in a municipality, marine fleet, onshore or offshore installation or a residential complex, you may currently be identifying the best water treatment company in the UAE. While almost every enterprise may be equal in terms of product offering and commitment, the differentiator is often their long term reliability and fit for your requirement.

Let us put down the criteria you must consider while choosing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, to ensure the RO system meets your needs, runs efficiently and for a longer life span.

The Industry the RO system will be used in

It is important to choose an RO system that meets your specific industry requirements. For example an RO system for marine vessel carrying livestock differs from an RO system for an industrial food processing plant. At Advanced Watertek we have standard systems and customized systems for specific industries. Our teams of engineers analyze your requirements, keeping in mind the source of water and the quality of water required to meet your industry specifications. They design the most effective solution to suit your needs. We have designed customized RO Systems for industries like oil and gas, marine, mining, industrial processing, hospitality, farms and other industries.

RO System's Capacity, Efficiency and Reliability

The capacity of a RO System is important to ensure the system runs at optimum levels at all times. This minimizes power consumption thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Correct installation gives greater water efficiency and reduces the energy requirements of the system. At Advanced Watertek we design systems, which are energy efficient and reliable. We also have a team of trained service engineers who install and commission systems anywhere in the world.

Easy Operation of your Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Advanced Watertek RO systems are designed simple yet efficient. They are also extremely reliable, user friendly, require low maintenance and suitable to be used in harsh environments. At Advanced Watertek we train RO operators and provide them with easy to follow operating manuals, thus ensuring your RO system runs efficiently and the quality of water is never compromised.

Quality of the RO System

The quality of the product relates to the systems lifespan, durability, reliability and functionality. When choosing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, it is important to select a type that will be durable, long lasting and does not break down often. The lifespan of a RO system also justifies the investment on the system. The quality of a product is dependent on the materials used in making it. Therefore, at Advanced Watertek we go the extra mile to design the system with a conservative approach using the highest quality components sourced from the leading manufacturers around the world. We also assemble the systems ourselves, so we guarantee the best quality every time.

Service and Maintenance Support for your RO System

In the case of an RO system breakdown caused by adverse conditions or unforeseeable circumstances, it is important to respond swiftly and provide the correct maintenance solution to the problem. If it is not detected and remedied quickly, some problems may end up compromising the whole system, leading to extensive downtime. Advanced Watertek has a strong after sales support team with experienced technical engineers who provide prompt and personalized on site. Our warehouse facility enables us to substantially stock components, chemicals and consumables that are available for immediate worldwide delivery to get your system back in service in the least possible time. We also offer annual maintenance contracts where our team conducts periodic checks on the system to work preventively and solve problems before they occur.

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