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Making Sustainability a reality with eco-friendly ultrafiltration

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

At Advanced Watertek, a company that offers a wide range of water treatment solutions, one feature is common to all our processes: Sustainability.

Without compromise, and with unswerving commitment, we continue to focus on design and installation of systematically engineered filtration plants that are environmentally and financially sustainable. Use Case: Our Ultrafiltration Systems. From start to finish, the filtration process requires less energy while removing a high percentage of microbes from the feed.

How does Ultrafiltration work?

The Ultrafiltration process is based on hollow fibre membranes which help remove most bacteria and viruses, and produce consistent product filter water quality.

Ultrafiltration can be used for a wide variety of applications including waste water treatment, cooling towers, landscaping using municipal waste water, and aquaculture.

At Advanced Watertek, our ultrafiltration plants are the upshot and outcome of the Company’s long-standing experience in creating eco-friendly water treatment solutions for onshore and offshore use. Customers who invest in our water treatment systems can look forward to robust and conservative design, ease of operation and superlative quality of components.

Where is Ultrafiltration used?

Ultrafiltration is more effective than conventional filtration methods for challenging waters like waste water and sea water with high physical and colloidal impurities, algae blooms and red-tides.

Choose Advanced Watertek’s Ultrafiltration system if your filtration objectives include removal of suspended solids, micropollutants, pathogens, protein and colloidal silica.

Ideal situations for deployment of Ultrafiltration systems include:

  • Recycling of wastewater and industrial process water

  • Removal of particulates for potable water production

  • Standalone systems in offshore vessels

  • Augmentation or replacement of filtration stages in existing water treatment plants

As is the case with most industrial equipment, superior Project Management makes the difference between a zealous pre-sales presentation and a truly reliable installation, training and commissioning process.

With over 37 years’ experience in water treatment, a track record as clear as purified water and market reputation for quality, Advanced Watertek ranks as the first choice of customers in diverse verticals - Marine, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, F&B, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Pharma, Medicine and more. Our after-sales services such as membrane cleaning / replacement and water treatment plant maintenance makes us an end-to-end provider whom you can rely on 24X7.

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