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Marine professionals discuss being ‘Future-Ready’ at event hosted by Advanced Watertek and IIMS

Advanced Watertek and IIMS-UAE (International Institute of Marine Surveying) jointly hosted an evening for the Marine and Offshore Industry, in association with the UAE Chapter of CMMI (The Company of Master Mariners India) on the 28thof June at Dubai.

The evening, which was also doubled up as the annual general body for IIMS, saw Fleet Managers, Technical Superintendents, Marine Surveyors, Oilfield Operators, Chief Engineers, and Captains from leading Marine and Offshore companies in the UAE attend and enjoy the knowledge sharing and networking sessions.

Informative presentations were shared by Mr. Unnikrishnan Nair of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Mr. Melvin Eldin of Advanced Watertek on Hybrid Power Systems in the Offshore and Marine industry, and the Role of Water in our Journey to Sustainability respectively. Mr. Eldin of Advanced Watertek highlighted the importance of water onboard floating assets and how much timely preventive-maintenance and the adoption to proven treatment solutions can benefit the asset owners in keeping equipment in ship-shape and reducing carbon footprint.

Rising global concerns about the Marine industry’s carbon footprint has stirred interest at multiple forums. Various challenges in implementation and measurement were discussed during the event, as Mr. Nair of ABS stressed the importance of focusing on the end-goal of sustainability while laying the foundation for it now.

Melvin Eldin, Sales Manager at Advanced Watertek said, “It was a truly lively evening with informative presentations for a responsible future. A lot of the questions raised by the attendees were certainly thought-provoking.”

(Press Release)

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