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The Verdict is In: What Matters Most - Lower Costs or Easy Maintenance when choosing an RO System?

Updated: May 6

Last Feb 13th, we posted a simple 2-week poll on LinkedIn: Which factors are most important while choosing your RO Water Treatment Systems? 

The results had two clear frontrunners from the 72 votes:

Winner: Lower operational expenses (43%) Runner-up: Ease of maintenance (38%%)

Other choices: Reliable after-sales support (14%) On-stock spares & consumables (6%)

While cost reigns supreme for the majority, a significant chunk prioritizes effortless upkeep. 

Let's check the point-of-views:

Lower Operational Expenses: The Frugal Choice

For many businesses and professionals, keeping costs down is paramount. Lower operational expenses translate to higher profits, improved budgets, and increased competitiveness. This is especially true in industries with tight margins or volatile market conditions.

Ease of Maintenance: Less Time, More Peace of Mind

However, let us not underestimate the appeal of convenience. Products that require minimal maintenance save time, resources, and frustration. They free up team members for more strategic tasks and prevent unexpected disruptions or downtime. This rings true with busy professionals and people seeking a hassle-free experience.

The Takeaway: It's About Balancing Priorities

The "winner" depends on individual needs, profession and circumstances. Businesses focused on short-term gains or tight budgets might prioritize cost. Conversely, those valuing long-term efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind might favor ease of maintenance.

Reminder: This poll is meant for a simple post since it’s a very basic and a limited info gathering method. The LinkedIn Poll feature does not have in-depth analytics to show detailed questions and specific demographics information of respondents. 

But as part of an industry, Advanced Watertek provides viewpoints on what clients or professionals in the industry would consider when buying RO System.

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