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Top 4 reasons to choose Myron L Instruments

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Every water treatment project begins with an analysis report of the feed water. Regular analysis of product water is also imperative to check on system performance. Quite often, in-built analyzers are not equipped for such checks or trouble shooting. It comes as no surprise that analytical instruments have become part and parcel of the water treatment industry.

With a wide variety of instruments available for water analysis, you could find yourself wading through a sea of resources and products claiming to be the best. For over 35 years, Advanced Watertek has built, commissioned, and maintained water treatment systems across the globe. Based on our industry experience, we recommend and represent Myron L products for their reputation, reliability, and range.

Myron L products
Myron L products

Here are the top 4 reasons we suggest you use Myron L products:

1. A reliable and knowledgeable manufacturer: Myron L has manufactured high-quality analytical instruments since 1957, relying on extensive research to design their products. They use high-tech engineering to simplify and streamline tasks with some of their multi-functional and compact solutions for water analysis. Understandably, many of their analytical instruments have become a standard in the RO industry.

2. A wide range of products: Whether you are looking for a ph meter, TDS meter, conductivity meter, resistivity monitor or ORP monitor; be it digital or analog – Myron L has a solution that fits every requirement. In fact, in some cases it has a single solution that fits all your requirements. Myron L also has a range of handheld and pocket devices that are very popular for their practicality.

3. Product quality and reliability: Designed and engineered after extensive research, Myron L products offer a high level of accuracy, achieved through advanced technology and intelligent circuitry. For example, the Myron L Ultrameter ll models deliver a performance of +-1%. This is achieved through a four-electrode conductivity cell technology, a pH/ORP sensor and a powerful microprocessor-based circuitry. Myron L’s experience in the industry is evident with simple and useful features developed over years of product familiarity and feedback. Some of these noteworthy features include memory storage with time stamp, waterproof casings, and custom LCD. Built to be durable, with waterproof qualities and rugged parts, many users say that Myron L products last long even though they are easy to maintain.

4. Simplicity of use: Keeping the customer at the center of the designing process, Myron L products use high-tech engineering to create products that are surprisingly simple to use. For example, all calibrations of the Ultrameter are accomplished simply by pressing a single key to agree with the NIST traceable standard solution. Another suitable example that highlights the ease of use are the electrometric measurements in an Ultrameter, which require just 3 easy steps.

While Myron L offers a wide array of water quality testing instruments, the most popular water analysis equipment used in Commercial and Industrial RO applications are




A sensible and valued feature of the Ultrameter models is its versatility. Each model can analyze multiple parameters, allowing water treatment professionals to carry a single instrument that will perform the work of many. The icing on the cake - They are affordably priced like single-parameter instruments.

The Ultrameter ll models deliver a high level of ±1% of reading accuracy, and an ability to store and record 100 memory data records, and 3 pre-programmed solution curves. In addition, Ultrameters are part of the hand-held series, hence portable, easy to maintain and rugged enough to be used in hostile process applications.

Advanced Watertek is an authorized dealer for Myron L Water Quality testing Instruments. Reach out to our team to get a quote for a Myron L instrument that suits your requirement.

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