• Hazardous Zone Classification Boat next to offshore oil rig

Water is a critical component in Oil & Gas operations, and many locations require reliable Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems designed to comply with hazardous classification standards. Advanced Watertek is one of the very few specialised companies who manufacture and supply RO Systems to the American Bureau of Shipping standard.

Hazardous Zone Classification

Advanced Watertek specialises in Hazardous Zone classified RO systems for offshore platforms, drilling rigs, FPSOs, FLNGs and MOPUs. As a result, we have Hazardous Zone classified RO systems in operation for major Oil & Gas companies at different locations across the MENA region.

American Bureau of Shipping Standard

Fully cognisant of the dangerous site conditions, our systems are designed in strict compliance with the Zone classification requirements. Depending on the nature of operations, we can offer either Zone 1 or Zone 2 compliant systems. In addition, we also customise our designs to suit the space and access constraint at the process locations, while ensuring total compliance to Hazardous Zone specification.

After-Sales Support

In our industry, after-sales support is as important as the system’s quality. Therefore we ensure that our after-sales support team always delivers reliability and peace of mind.