Freshwater to seaside hotels and resorts

The reliability factor for uninterrupted water supply is summoned to be 8-9 out of 10, if not 10, in the hospitality industry. Hotels and resorts can’t leave their guests and staff without water for a length of time.

Maldives has unlimited access of seawater, but has little access to freshwater. Consequently, Reverse Osmosis (RO) is often called called the heartbeat of Maldives. Likewise, the remote coastal areas in Sri Lanka have no access to city water. For this reason seawater RO is also popular here.

Minimising risk with support and maintenance

Things can go wrong with even the highest quality systems. Hence, it is important to:

  • minimise the risk of downtime, and
  • prepare for worst-case scenarios

Moreover, local support and in-house competence ensure that our systems run 24/7. With this in mind, Advanced Watertek:

  • always has local agents. As a result, our agents in the Maldives and Sri Lanka are on-site in the matter of hours.
  • trains engineers and technicians to operate, maintain and troubleshoot their RO plant.

Our systems are Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based. They are fully automatic and therefore require minimum interference. There are a few routine things that are only done manually, such as chemical replacement and filter change. We therefore train our clients’ staffs to do these manual intervenes in a professional and safe manner.

A RO system is a big investment, but with good care our systems run for decades. Basic parameters must be checked daily and reported through a maintenance check sheet. Our clients send us their reports every week.  We evaluate the data and immediately advice on actions, if needed. We do this free of charge.

Advanced Watertek and Seawater RO experience

Advanced Watertek has 35 years experience in desalination and RO in the range of 5m3/day to 5000 m3/day. In the Maldives most of the projects are 200 up to 800 m3/day. Whilst in Sri Lanka the systems are in the range of 50 to 400 m3/day. There are no one-solution-fits-all in water treatment. We base our design on feed water quality, needed capacity and the application the water is used for. We always take the clients requirements and consideration into account, before we design and build the systems.

You are not left alone

We will never leave you alone after commissioning – our team of qualified technicians and service experts are always ready to provide on-site support anywhere worldwide.