• Safety, sewage treatment plant, STP, desalination

Safety Training coming into use

You never know when you will make use of your fire fighting & safety training. Our Water Treatment Plant Operator, Sathick Batcha experienced this first hand. While on duty at one of our client’s Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) early this year, he suddenly heard the fire alarm go off.

Sathick instantly showed his quick thinking and took control of the situation. He followed all safety procedures, our client’s guidelines and the safety protocol. After alerting the client emergency contact centre, he quickly found the location of the fire and secured the area. Using the fire extinguishers, he isolated and brought the fire under control. This helped prevent a serious accident.

His efforts has been recognised by our client, the civil defence personnel and Advanced Watertek’ s management team.

Root cause

Sathick learned later that the root cause was an electric fault in the STP distribution board located outside the plant. As a corrective action, our client has inspected all their STPs to ensure that the same incident will not occur again.

The importance of training

Sathick was very grateful for all the training he had received from Advanced Watertek. Because of the training he knew exactly what to do and at what time. He said: “ My experience shows the importance of training, you don’t have time to think what to do – you just need to do it”. He would like to thank Advanced Watertek’ s QHSE engineer Mansoor Khan for his focus on improving the HSE skills and awareness through regular training.

Advanced Watertek Safety Training

Advanced Watertek arranges third party certified fire training, both theoretical and practical, for our production and service teams. In addition, we regularly conduct in-house training to ensure that all employees have the knowledge and skills to handle emergency situations. We also periodically evaluate and comply with all regulatory requirements relevant to our employees and clients’ health and safety. As a result we are OHSAS 18001:2007 accredited for our Safety Management practices.