How did you get started in the water treatment industry? Where did you begin?

 In my case, I started working in the water treatment industry after joining here. I was into pump stations and control panels before joining Watertek. I had some experience in the marine and oil & gas sector. I was selling systems to these industries. So I was familiar with the industry as such but I was not so familiar with the product (water treatment).

Which industry or segment is your core focus? What excites you most about this industry?

Currently, my core focus is on the marine and offshore oil & gas. Apart from that, I handle a few specific accounts, and some regions. For example, I handle Djibouti. Mauritius and Seychelles. So you could say account management along with marine and offshore oil & gas.

When you talk about marine industry, they give a lot of importance to the service that you provide. How you dress yourself, whether you wear a tie, that’s not going to matter to them. These people, when you talk about offshore oil and gas industry, most of the people that you deal with on a daily basis are technicians or engineers. These people are 12 hours working people. They don’t sit in the office and dictate terms. I personally like to work with people who are very knowledgeable about what they do and who want to get things done on a very efficient level. This suits my profile.

Why did you choose to work for Advanced Watertek?

Well, I have always wanted to work for a smaller company where I am able to contribute. This is one reason. Once I got to learn about Watertek, I learned that most of the values that we follow here are in alignment with my own. Everything is very straightforward here. We follow a very honest and ethical approach throughout the process, starting from inquiry stage to the product delivery.

I, as a person, I give a lot of importance to after-sales. In my case, sales is quite a simple process. It’s all about the service that you provide. It’s all about your interaction. I still don’t think that a machine could do this. It’s a person-to-person interaction kind of thing.

So how do you make their work easier? I think this is exactly what we do here. We try to make somebody else’s job easier. We go to any extent to do that. At times, the client will not even know exactly what we are doing for them. So we basically go into that kind of detail and make sure that we deliver a great product and I personally really enjoy that. I think this is what differentiates us. It’s very difficult to explain to somebody because in some cases we spend so much time deciding on a very minute part of a machine and people wouldn’t even care about it. It is mainly because of the approach being followed by MF, our Managing Director. I think that’s our core strength.

How do you see the future of the water treatment industry? Is there something that companies must do to stay afloat?

As you know, water is the most precious commodity in the world. So one thing that goes down daily is the quantity of fresh water available. Even if 60-70% of area is water, the actual fresh water available for human consumption is less than 3%. So that’s going down every day because we are destroying nature, forests, ect.

So I would say, apart from a business point of view, we are doing something for the greater humanity: serving good water.

Perhaps the approach may change. Right now, its reverse osmosis, the technology that we use, so the technology may change but the requirement for fresh water will only go up. We need to adapt ourselves according to the market. We need to keep ourselves constantly updated with the changing technology. But I think we are in a noble business of providing fresh water to people.

Is there a quote or life philosophy that you like to live by? If not, is there a celebrated professional whose product philosophy you look up to or strive to emulate?

As you might know, I follow Steve Jobs very intensely. He is my icon. How he conducts himself when it comes to business. There is not a single day that I do not think about him. When I talk about business or I talk about things that I do on a daily basis, I don’t know how much I’m able to do justice to myself but I want to do it 110% perfection. In some cases, it’s not possible. But there is an option to give that much to the things that I do on a daily basis. Whatever it is. Be it sending an email, or attending to a phone call, or giving advice to somebody. Whatever I do. I want to do it to that kind of perfection.

So I kind of go by this philosophy: If I can provide something without any defect, something that will last for years and years, I’m happy to be apart of the process. This is something that makes me stay here. At times, I don’t think people see what MF, our Managing director, is saying but I can actually understand it. At times, it is not practical. People like practical. I like crazy. There’s a “Think Different” ad campaign by Apple and it ends with this sentence. “People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.” There is genius in that.


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