After-Sales Service @Advanced Watertek

By Vikki Tandel, Production Manager, Advanced Watertek

At Advanced Watertek our aim is to fulfil and surpass our clients’ expectation. We also believe in “Doing the thing right at first place“. A trouble-free operation and superior after-sales service starts with the quality of the machine and the installation and commissioning of the same. It is Indeed important to start the machine hassle free, on time and in a safely manner. To, achieve this our dedicated, experienced and competent commissioning engineers and service technicians, who know all the bits and pieces of our machines, ensure 100 % functionality of every process equipment and process parameters during the phase of commissioning and operation .

After-Sales Service

Through our after-sales services we ensure that our clients are satisfied with their water treatment solutions. In addition, our goal is that their systems run for decades. Our experienced Project Management, Engineering, Service & Quality Control and after-sales teams are all involved in providing excellent back office support.

Refurbishments and Repairs

We always insist on site inspections prior to refurbishment and repair of machines. On these inspections our trained and experienced service engineers and technicians always do functionality checks of mechanical & electrical devises and the operation & working condition of the machine. We don’t take on a refurbishment project, if the existing machine is not as per the best engineering design practice. We will then instead suggest modifications, which enhance the life of machine, to the client.

Any machine will at some time require repair and refurbishment. But that doesn’t always mean to automatically replace expensive components. We believe that it is more economical to extend components’ lifespan by consistently maintain the systems and its components. In conclusion, we only replace components if the damage is irreversible.

AMC – Annual Maintenance Contracts

For us an AMC is a signed agreement where we promises to provide excellent after-sales services and that our clients’ systems run trouble-free 24/7. Hence, we keep our policies transparent and provide the same service as we promise in the contract.

Our service engineers visit our AMC sites twice a month or as per clients contract. Along with regular tasks, like filter change, chemical preparation, operation check and instruments calibrations, we regularly analyse all reports and data sheets. Based on fact, test results and analyses we will, if needed, recommend improvements that will enhance the systems’ performance.

O&M – Operation & Maintenance

When we talk about O&M, only experienced, trained and competent operators operate on our sites. All our operators undergo several trainings before they depute to operation. We provide water treatment processes, operation, risk assessment & HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) trainings. The training helps them to understand the process and risk involved in the operation.

The result of our efforts on training is clearly proved by our Water Treatment Plant Operator, Sathick Batcha. Whilst on duty at a client’s Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) he suddenly hear the fire alarm go off. Sathick used his training and took control of the situation. He followed all safety procedures, our client’s guidelines and the safety protocol. His efforts has been recognised by both our client and the civil defence personnel. Read the full article here.

Day-to-day operation parameters are logged and performance analyses are done weekly. We keep track of machine-performance, consumables and spares. As a result of our proactive approach we are proud to say that we have never had any breakdowns on our O&M sites.

Third party check of incoming water and product water

For AMC and O&M, we do routine third-party checks of incoming/feed water and production water. This allows us to take proactive measure before conditions change or worsens. We believe in preventive maintenance to eliminate the chances of breakdowns as well as last moment surprises for our clients. In case, incoming water quality changes we will always try to make the system suitable for that water by doing minor modification of existing components or process.

Working together with the client

We follow a transparent approach so all the monthly reports, along with technical analysis, are submitted in detail to our clients. To, improve services we always welcome feedback from our site team and client because we believe that the feedbacks are the gifts for us to do the incremental improvement of our products and services.

Advanced Watertek believe in educating the client. As part of the commissioning we train the clients’ operators to prepare them for system operation and related troubleshooting. Since, different customer has their own safety policies and procedures, we work closely to understand their requirement and fulfil their HSE needs.

We also keep stock of components at our factory to reduce the waiting time in case of failure. Equally important, we always advise and insist that clients keep minimum critical components spare of the machine.