Technical training and health and safety awareness training for Reverse Osmosis (RO) technicians and operators help them to execute their work in a safe and professional way. By following applicable procedures and, of course, all safety requirements we produce systems that perform for decades. We offer both in-house training and training provided by 3rdparties.

Our take on training

Our management reviews and analyses training records regularly. Feedback from the technicians is analysed to evaluate the effectiveness of the training delivered. Objective is to ensure continuous improvement in skills and competence of the operators and technicians. Training is need based to meet specific objectives.

Health and Safety training increases the level of confidence

At Advanced Watertek, there is a strong focus on Health and Safety (link In house and third party trainings and certifications are organised in areas such as risk assessment, fire, emergency response,  handling chemicals and hazardous substances, electrical safety and other areas that impact our HSE performance. Trainings include theory and practical hands on sessions. We are proud to say that all our technicians have adopted our safety culture ( They understand and follow all safety regulations, which is important to minimise and avoid incidents.

Health and Safety on sites

Knowledge and awareness of occupational health safety and environmental factors help to better identify the potential hazards and environmental aspects in the workplace and at client sites. We train our technicians regularly on these issues.  The technicians then always ensure that they communicate the same to operators when they are visiting sites for AMCs ( or for installation and commissioning the systems onshore and offshore ( .

Trouble free operation after commissioning

The RO operators’ skillsets determine the life of water treatment plants. In fact, 90% of RO system failures are actually outcomes of human errors. Trained personnel increase the reliability of the systems. It is therefore important for us that only qualified people operate the systems we sell once we have commissioned them.

We provide comprehensive training to our clients’ operators. We always provide training when we commission the systems. In addition, our technicians also train and discuss with clients’ operators when they visit sites ( For us, this is actually part of the AMC (

Skilled clients’ operators can easily trouble shoot any system errors with minimal guidance over the phone. This is quicker and also save our clients money for service and repair.

What we teach our clients’ operators

Operator Training and After-Sales Support

Advanced Watertek provides operator training and after sales support. Our team of qualified technicians and service experts are always ready to provide immediate on-site support. Please contact if you want to know more about our After-Sales support and training.