#WaterRecycling – TSE for chillers

Abu Dhabi Municipality promotes water recycling and re-use. As a part of this initiative they provide shopping malls with Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) water to a reduced cost.

Cooling down at the malls

In the hot Middle Eastern summer people come to the shopping malls to release themselves from the outside heat. Considering the size of the malls, keeping the malls cool therefore comes with high water usage at a high cost.

Advanced Watertek’s client, a prominent shopping mall in Abu Dhabi, experiences this first hand. The mall consumes over 1,200,000 litres/day to keep the chillers going during the summer. As a result they need to procure excess water capacity from private vendors. Consequently this causes a major dent in their operational budget. For this reason the mall has used TSE water instead of buying capacity from private vendors since 2016.

Prepare TSE for chiller applications

Because TSE water can’t be directly used for chiller applications, proper water treatment is needed.

To ensure that our client can use the TSE water for their chillers, we have designed a complete packaged solution with Ultrafiltration (UF) and Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (RO). Ramiz Prabalkar (Sales Engineer at Advanced Watertek) says the following about the solution:

The mall needs to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) to make the water it suitable for their chiller application. We have therefor provided a best-in-class UF system, which acts as a pre-treatment unit, along with a robust RO as a final polishing. This way we ensure that the water caters for the chiller manufacturer’s specifications.

Saving cost

Ramiz also confirms that the system has run successfully since 2016 without any downtime, reduced water quality or harm on the chillers. He is also very happy that analysis also shows significant cost saving compared to the cost of municipality and privately procured water. Most of all, the mall management is very clear that this is the best decision to overcome their water shortage. Advanced Watertek believes that this is a solution for the future.


Contact person: Ramiz Parbalkar

Email: ramiz.parbalkar@advancedwatertek.com or sales@advancedwatertek.com