From offshore to luxury resorts

Sitting down to talk with the Advanced Watertek main man in East Asia, Regional Manager Pratheesh Prabha, provides an enlightening look into our company and water treatment for the hospitality industry. He explains how he was thrown into relatively new territory industry-wise, when he started to provide the hospitality sector with desalination and Reverse Osmosis (RO) solutions.

Water Treatment: From Offshore and Marine to Luxury Resorts

Pratheesh has years of experience in providing desalination solutions for the offshore and marine industry. As a result of the downturn in the Oil & Gas market Advanced Watertek has expanded its business horizons:

We wanted to approach and serve an industry and segment where people care for quality,” Pratheesh explains, “If it’s water treatment, it’s a global requirement, but not many care for high quality systems.”

That’s how the company landed on the hospitality industry, especially high-end luxury resorts and hotels. Resorts and hotels understand the importance of high quality and reliable water treatment solutions. This aligns strongly with the Advanced Watertek’s design of high quality and premium membrane based systems. Pratheesh elaborates as to how the similarity to Oil & Gas inspires Advanced Watertek to enter the hospitality industry:

So hospitality is very similar to Oil & Gas because our clients often operate on a remote island or in an isolated area with no municipality water or support from the mainland. Almost like an offshore rig operating in the middle of the sea. Moreover both industries cannot operate without water for a long time. They are therefore depended on a reliable source of water.”

After-sales: The Advanced Watertek Advantage

Pratheesh has been with Advanced Watertek for several years, and he speaks confidently about the company he represents. Equally he is well aware of the advantages our products can bring, and he also leverage these to true effect when talking to (potential) clients in the East Asia region, with a special focus on Sri Lanka and Maldives.

So I would say three things make Advanced Watertek unique: first is going with a very conservative design, second is buying the best components which support our design, third is going the extra mile to give after-sales support locally, that being Maldives, Sri Lanka or any other market.”

Pratheesh is very keen to emphasise the third point: after-sales support. After-sales support is crucial. Our hands-on support sets Advanced Watertek apart from their competitors. Qualified RO plant operators and service experts provide on-site support anywhere worldwide. We also have spare parts available for immediately shipment. Most noteworthy is that we have agreements with local agents who are well versed in our systems. In the instance of mishap, help is always readily available.

There are no one-solution-fits-all in water treatment

Pratheesh is very clear on that there are no one-solution-fits-all in water treatment. It is always case-by-case and client-by-client. That’s also what excites him about the job. To dig deep to understand the client’s water source and water needs to be able to design an effective and long-lasting solutions. And as Pratheesh says: “At Advanced Watertek, we wouldn’t have it any other way”.

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